Dear Elaine - I want you to know that meeting you and getting my tattoos done was definitely a highlight this year!  You  made it so easy and comfortable, it was such a contrast to prior experiences that I had had. The joy of waking up in the morning feeling pretty and knowing that I always look well groomed are hard to beat. Absolutely life-changing for me, and I have you to thank.
- Satisfied Customer

Mother/Daughter Testimonial August, 2018

We are similar in many, many ways,
But our attitudes on make-up differ significantly.

Utilization of Make-up:
Mother: Moderate use of make-up is key to looking professional
Daughter: Little to none for a natural look

Desired Goal for Permanent Make-up:
Mother: Achieve a “finished” look with minimal effort
Daughter: Add slight color and definition to enhance overall looks

Mother: A “mistake” based on a previous experience
Daughter: Pain and a dark prominent look

Post-Procedure Outcome:
Mother & Daughter: Fantastic, exceeded expectations

Descriptors of Elaine Pichet:
Mother & Daughter: Professional, highly skilled, sensitive and caring

Thanks, Elaine, for a wonderful experience!
Mother: Pat Leonard
Daughter: Denise Dickson

"Hi Elaine,   It has been two weeks since I had my touch up done on my eyebrows and eyeliner and I just wanted you to know I love it. I put on Mascara for the first time today and I feel like my face is complete. What is really awesome is most of the time I don't even wear Mascara because I don't have to anymore. It takes me 7 minutes for make-up 8 minutes if I use Mascara. My eyebrows and eyeliner are so natural looking and have had several compliments. So again thank you. You did an awesome job."

Hugs & Kisses,
Karen (Satisfied Customer)❤
"Nearing completion of reconstruction surgery following bilateral mastectomy, my surgeon gave me information from Elaine’s Artistic Touch on tattooing to complete the reconstruction.

"As I read the explanation of what could be done, and checked out the website, I became curious about the other procedures Elaine offered.

"Having gone through the mastectomy and entering the 70 age bracket, I was depressed about aging and health issues. I called Elaine and talked with her about the repigmentation of the aureola complex and eyeliner, as my lashes are almost nonexistent.

"Even over the phone, I sensed her compassion and expertise in her work. Meeting her in person confirmed my phone impression.

"I was so happy—ecstatic is more accurate— with the results of the eyeliner that I scheduled total face permanent makeup procedures. Elaine is a joy to work with, and soon I told her to do what she thought best for my face and coloring, and she was absolutely right in each case. The very last procedure was what first brought me to Elaine in the first place— the repigmentation of the aureola complex.

 "Looking in the mirror now, I still see an aging woman, but she is much more attractive and does not appear as aged as she did a year ago.
"Often when I am out with my significant other, I catch him staring at me.  Asking what he is thinking, he says, “You look like you spent half an hour putting on makeup. It looks absolutely natural, and you look great!”

"Thank you Elaine for transforming not only my face, but my life as well!"
- Sincerely
"What an amazing experience I was able to have with Elaine.  She was so knowledgeable and personable with me, that I am literally looking for other reasons to go back to see her.  I truly felt like she listened to my concerns and we walked thru the different options together.  She was very reasonable with her pricing and always took extra care to make sure that I was informed and comfortable.  I love the results and am so grateful to her and her amazing work!"
- Amy

We did try technique needle, Procell and camouflage tattooing
Immediately After
"I am one of those unfortunate people born with sparse brows in a terrible shape, and I am also one of those people who used to have to dodge anyone/anything from touching my perfectly draw in brows. I was really self-conscience of my old eyebrows. Doing my brows was a timely ordeal (30 mins to an hour) everyday for the past 20 years.

"I decided to get my eyebrows done in June 2016, when I saw a co-worker who got her perfectly tattoo-ed brows by Elaine 6+ years and it looked incredibly natural--that was my selling point. I have seen my fair share of badly tattoo-ed brows and honestly even after I walked through the door I was scared and nervous. At the initial consult with Elaine, I was sold from the moment she penciled on my soon to be permanent brows!

"The procedure started off with Elaine designing your desire eyebrow shape. She patiently drew my eyebrows with a makeup pencil and did not stop correcting them until I was completely satisfied. Of course, I was never 100% sure until I saw the end result.   Elaine is such a beautiful and kind person inside and out; your experience with her be relaxed and effortless. She is a true perfectionist and expertise in her field! THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS BLESSING OF AN ESTABLISHMENT.  In the end, I left with HAPPY TEARS.

"PRETTY MUCH I love my eyebrows and this was one of the best decisions ever made. They look incredibly natural and honestly no one knows unless I tell them.  If you are considering this procedure I would definitely recommend you to go with Elaine at Artistic Touch!"
- Regards,

"Hi Elaine,   Saw this article by Tucson’s Dr. Weil, and thought about what you said about why our eyeliner and eyebrows fade more on the left side than the right.

"By the way, mine look great; you did a splendid job, as usual!"
- Pam

Driving Skin And Eyes Into Trouble" by Andrew Weil, M.D.

"Did you know that most people are more likely to develop a cataract in their left eye and skin cancer on the left side of their face? The problem is more exposure to the sun's ultraviolet A rays on the left side of the face through the driver's side window of cars (in the U.S., where we drive on the right side of the road). A new study found that windshields offer good protection against UV-A, the rays associated with as many as 90 percent of skin cancers as well as an elevated risk of cataracts. But driver's side windows - when they're rolled up - don't always offer the same UV-A protection. California ophthalmologist Brian Boxer Wachler compared UV-A protection from the front windshields and driver's side windows in 29 automobiles produced from 1990 to 2014 by 15 different manufacturers. He reported that the windshields blocked an average of 96 percent of UV-A rays, but the driver's side windows blocked only 71 percent. Some glass did a better job than others, and 14 percent of the cars afforded equal protection from UV-A rays from the front windshield and the driver's side window. UV-B rays are blocked by glass.

"My take? This study points up a sun exposure problem most people may not consider. UV-A rays are regarded as more damaging than UV-B because they penetrate the skin more deeply and are associated with the development of skin cancer. Unfortunately, most sunscreens available in the U.S. screen out only UV-B rays. You can get UV-A protection by using a mechanical sunblock such as zinc oxide, the opaque white stuff lifeguards spread on their noses, but few people would be willing to coat their bodies with that. However, some manufacturers now offer zinc oxide with microfine particles in sunscreens that impart less white tint. To protect your eyes wear sunglasses that block UV-A and UV-B. If you live in a sunny location, you might also consider getting tints for car windows that block UV-A."

"Through the many years of working with people as a Make Up Artist in Seattle I have learned what works for the face and what does not. When you find a professional who knows their business and has a special talent it certainly is a pleasure, Elaine Pichet is one of those people.

"Her work is truly artistic which you understand the minute you step into her business and her warm welcome puts one at ease immediately, then to walk away with beautiful brows tops it off for a most excellent day.

"Thank you Elaine!"
-  Skye
"Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on my eyebrows! I have received so many compliments and told them where to go if they want the very best.  I am so glad to have found you. You are so wonderful, sweet, professional, and have trusting and gentle hands.
I will continue to recommend you to everyone, because I absolutely love my eyebrows and the time I spent with you. Thank you so very much again, Elaine."

- All the best,
Jenny S.
"Hello Elaine, You may or may not remember us!  My wife, Monika, received new eyebrows from you in early November last year and I just wanted you to know she is delighted with the end result.

 "I really wanted to thank you for your care and consideration during Monika's consult.  I'm sure you noticed that Monika was a bit apprehensive but you did a great job of putting her at ease with your calm reassurance. Your spirit shone brightly and I was very humbled by your kindness.
 I wish you all the best for your business in the future. You have a God given talent.  God Bless."

- Eric W.
"We absolutely LOVE YOU, Elaine!!!"

-  Ada, Jean and Charlene

"Dearest Elaine, You are an angel sent from heaven and your unique artistry has changed my life. You made me feel at ease the moment I saw you and from that moment I knew I was in great hands. I just want everyone to know how genuine and gifted you are at your craft. As a person living with alopecia for 29 years I have never felt as beautiful as I did when you finished my eyebrows. 

"You showed me how beautiful I've always been and for that I will forever be grateful. You are one in a million. Thank you."

- M.H.
"Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on me. I have wanted to get my lips and eyebrows done for such a long time, but I was so afraid of having something permanent done to my face. Yet after seeing your work online, and communicating with you via email, I knew I had to fly out to Tucson for an appointment. As a trauma surgeon, my schedule can be extremely busy. I often don’t have time to apply makeup, and with my fair complexion my face just disappears. Now I don’t have to worry about wearing makeup at all, and I still feel presentable. You have made me look and feel so beautiful! You also made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. I can’t thank you enough."

- Dana Forman, D.O.,
Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
"Hi Elaine! I'm still loving my lips, and finally wrote this testimonial. I deeply appreciate you and your work and would love to have you post this on your site.

"I am writing to tell my story as a testament to Elaine’s miraculous work. At the end of May, I was thinking about my two vacations that I take every summer, one to Santa Fe to paint and the other to Wisconsin to see my four grandchildren. I was at the end of my rope because of the terrible yellow-lined lips I’d had for 1 solid year. I did not want to face my grandchildren with yellow-orange lined lips, which result from another artist trying to fix the black liner (from yet another artist), and then she couldn’t get rid of the yellow. Even worse, the artist who tried to remove the black also completely changed the shape of my lips by removing my Cupid’s bow and making my mouth wider. This shape didn’t fit my face, and the yellow orange liner was outside my natural lips! I felt like a clown and didn’t want to take my vacations looking clownish. I was so sad and didn’t know what to do, so I said a prayer and searched the Internet for corrective cosmetic tattooing. My search results provided many options, but I was drawn to Elaine’s site because it simply felt right. I called for an appointment, but the next opening was after my second vacation; nevertheless, I scheduled an appointment but asked to be put on the list in case someone cancelled. Because I have a problem, with cold sores Elaine called me to find out what kind of medication my doctor prescribed, and she suggested that one that turned out to be far more effective than what I was taking. In addition, she suggested that I take the antibiotics that I must take before dental appointments. I went to my doctor (an appointment that was already scheduled) and had both prescriptions filled, and it was a good thing because three days passed and someone cancelled.

"Elaine was so caring and delightful as she worked on the corrective process; she made me feel so cared for. The process was the least painful I’ve experienced, and that was such a pleasant surprise. The biggest surprise, though, was that Elaine had worked a miracle--my lips were 95% better after the first appointment. I could barely see the orange, AND she gave me back the Cupid’s bow that is indicative of all the women in my family (cousins included). What a gift! My lips were beautiful, and after the second appointment, my lips are perfect. In fact, I think they look better than when I was young!

"Thank you, Elaine for all the care you’ve given and that care come in many forms. First, you are so kind and really want your “girls” to look good and feel good. Next, you were absolutely caring about my health by making sure that I took medication that prevented cold sores, but most importantly, you required me to take the antibiotics. I know that dental work without this medication could result in my death, but I didn’t realize there was a risk when having permanent makeup done on lips. You were correct, and no other tattoo artist had made this association. Thank you for caring for my health and well-being. Finally, my lips are lovely, both shape and color. You are indeed a Master Artist and an Angel, and I feel so blessed! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

-  Lori Grimm

"Elaine’s Artistic Touch should be named “Artistic and Angelic Touch!”  Elaine is the ultimate professional who is skilled AND compassionate. She takes her work very seriously, shown by her sincere sense of responsibility to her clients. I am so glad a friend recommended Elaine!  I love not having to put on eyeliner, which smeared within an hour or so anyway. The procedure is painless and the follow-up is thorough. Thank you, Elaine!!"

- Patti R. Albaugh,
Author of  The Ups and Downs of
Miss Margaret Landings an Patti's World
"Elaine’s Artistic Touch should be named “Artistic and Angelic Touch!”  Elaine is the ultimate professional who is skilled AND compassionate. She takes her work very seriously, shown by her sincere sense of responsibility to her clients. I am so glad a friend recommended Elaine!  I love not having to put on eyeliner, which smeared within an hour or so anyway. The procedure is painless and the follow-up is thorough. Thank you, Elaine!!"

Blessings, Jeri

"It's Lilly, you provided me with some beautiful permanent eyeliner before I deployed to Afghanistan. Just wanted to pass on a thank you and a picture of some of the activities I'm up to over here. (We confiscated some weapons from the bad guys!) It's nice to wake up on the spot for an a bomb call and already have my makeup on! Ha ha, not that there's anyone to impress but makes me feel a little more womanly."

-  God Bless, Lilly

"Hi Elaine, just a little note to say hi and many, many thanks for my wonderful brows .... everyone loves them, of course they never notice, but I love telling them about you and my experience in Tucson ... I still always worry that they will go away!!"
- Judith
"It's been almost 2 yrs since I left Tucson for Houston and I just wanted you to know that I think of you EVERY TIME I look in the mirror! So many people here have complimented me on your work and I am still loving it!!!  Hope you are well."
- Kim D.
"Elaine’s artistic talents are just amazing. I knew sitting in her chair that her “spirit” was infectious. I was so at ease knowing that my Lip procedure was going to work out perfectly. See, I was in an accident many years ago and have had 32 facial reconstructive surgeries. I never thought in a million years that my lips would ever look somewhat normal again. After the six weeks post procedure, I LOVE my lips. The Post Procedural Care Instructions was spot on describing how the healing process would evolve. I've experienced everything that has been documented. Elaine has changed my view on looking at my lips after all these years!!! My self-esteem has been restored. I feel I have kissable lips. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!"

- Sherry
Mesa, Arizona

"Hey there Elaine!  Just touching base with you to say...WOW! The 'girls' look complete now! I did not think that trompe l'oeil of my reconstructed breasts would really make any difference at all...Boy was I wrong!

"Instead of reconstructed breasts made from transplanted abdominal 'excess' that I did not care who saw, they now feel 'completed' and 'normal'. I have regained some of the modesty previously lost to multiple surgeries and all the necessary 'clinical' review & inspection that goes along with that.

"Thank you for your kindness and your INCREDIBLE artistic talent. I am so thankful that Dr. Larson brought us together. You are a genuine Tucson Treasure that we are so blessed to have in our midst!"

- Thankfully,
Kris B.
"Elaine was highly recommended to me by a good friend and I am so very grateful that she did. Elaine has such a great warmth and very loving, caring spirit that seems to give her a kind of glow. She did a beautiful job when I had my lips done and I was so impressed with her artistry that I next had the eyeliner done. I had previously gone to another artist for the eyeliner, but was not happy with the harshness of the look. Elaine was able to soften the look and I am now thrilled with the results. I will continue to recommend her incredible work to my friends."

- Mary C.,
Certified Practitioner,
"Beautiful Elaine! - I have been meaning to let you know how tremendously satisfied I have been with your work on my eyes. I continue to be amazed to see the gentle definition and the subtle and EFFECTIVE age reduction it has provided to my appearance. Then, and this is just the kind of odd thing you observe when you have been getting crushed by life in a variety of ways, after spending more than a few nights in a hospital, sleeping in chairs, beside a loved one, I get home and think "Heh. I must have slept well because I don't look bad." I slept horribly! But, my eyes looked kind of great, so I was able to kid myself that it cannot be that bad. A secondary, positive effect of your beautiful work!

"Truly, thank you so much. I reap the benefit of your work every time I look in the mirror and do not hate my visage for having little, piggy eyes. They are now lovely, slightly almond shaped and defined in a refined, ladylike way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Who knew looking good when times are tough was such a helpful bounce? My love to you for your dedication and kindness as you go about your work, and my gratitude to you for making me look so very much better."

- Terry F.
"Elaine - I look beautiful! Your artistic talent is amazing. I am so grateful for the extra effort you make to accommodate my schedule and for the beautiful work you do. I was so concerned about getting permanent makeup and you have done such a lovely job! It is so much easier to get up and get going in the morning without as much worry over my make up, it starts out looking nice!"

- Thank you!
Susan Kalota, M.D.
"Dear Elaine, You have an incredible artistic ability that definitely reflects in your work. You have exceeded my expectations. You are a true professional. Thank you for explaining everything and answering my questions so patiently. Your facility has a very comfortable atmosphere and is very clean which made me feel safe. I couldn't have asked for a more professional yet warm setting, which was followed by first-class treatment. Your concern for my comfort was very sincere.

"With the use of anesthetic cream it was less painful than plucking my eyebrows. Your policy to follow through after my permanent eyeliner procedure, checking to see if it may need a touch-up shows your commitment to excellence. I'm beyond delighted with the results of my permanent eyeliner. It saves me time everyday. I truly love my permanent eyeliner and look forward to my next permanent makeup procedure. I can't thank you enough."

- Connie Howard

"Elaine Pichet is a superb professional and unsurpassed in her work, to which she brings an exceptional artistic flair. Because Elaine loves her work, it's fun to go to the office for the painless treatments and because she is so conservative, Elaine never "overdoes" the makeup."
-  GPG
"Elaine Pichet's aesthetic procedures set the standard for excellence."
-  Robert J. Segal, M.D., Dermatologist
"Elaine performed my eyeliner permanent make-up and it is great! I love it and I get many compliments. She is very professional and it didn't hurt at all.  I would recommend it without hesitation.

My patients and I both love your work."
- Kathleen Duerksen, M.D.
Ophthalmologist/Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
"If I were an artist with unlimited time each morning, perhaps I could approximate the beautiful work Elaine did on my eyes and brows.  But, alas, for most of us that’s not the case.

"Permanent makeup was not even on my radar until I saw the results of Elaine’s handiwork on others. I decided I deserved it, too!

"Entering Elaine’s workplace is like visiting a medical day spa – soothing and professional at the same time. And her caring, confident manner serve to dispel any fear or anxiety one might have.

"Elaine restored to my face its definition, clarity and color, which had started to fade.  And when I ran into people afterwards, everyone exclaimed how great I looked – but no one seemed to figure out the particulars. I think that made it even more fun!"

-  Love,
"I was thoroughly impressed with the work you presented during the A.S.O.P.R.S. Spring Meeting in Laguna Niguel."

-  Aaron Fay, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
"You know you are in the right place as soon as you sit in Elaine's chair!

"I had previously had permanent makeup applied to my eyebrows. The experience was very unpleasant and the results were less than desired. But after only a few minutes of listening to Elaine, I was at ease and knew the results would be everything I had hoped for this second time. And as I expected the results were fabulous! I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows!

"More importantly, Elaine has an authentic way in helping you recognize your own beauty. I have sat in many chairs and been given essentially the same message. But, her words still resonate with me and for the first time I feel motivated to take my skin care to the next level.

"Elaine's commitment and beautiful spirit are what keep me coming back. She pours herself into what is obviously her passion and reminds me of a physician that practices holistic medicine. Mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and she touches them all. She is truly a gift to this profession and all the women who have the opportunity to experience her work."

-  Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
Tula Wellness, Women in Balance
"Just wanted to say 'Hello', and to let you know that my eyebrows are still very awesome. I am so thankful that I have met you and been able to share some precious moments in this life with you Elaine. You are one of the most, very most beautiful women I have had the honor to have met. I appreciate all what you have done for me and the fact that I can look at myself and appreciate and accept my own unique beautifulness. Thank you again for being a part of my journey to empowerment."

-  With much love and joy,
"Elaine utilized her wonderful talent when she performed amazing corrective work to my eyebrows.   About five years ago I had my eyebrows tattooed at a local salon here in Tucson, Arizona.  The work was horrible and the color was too dark for my skin and hair.  The tattooed eyebrows did not match my existing eyebrows.  I had two sets of eyebrows. I had to get my real eyebrows waxed frequently to get rid of the hair that did not match the permanent eyebrows.  Over time the ink started to turn dark grey and I was embarrassed to go out in public.  I called the salon who previously performed the procedure but, they were unable to help me.  One day I was browsing through a local newspaper and I found Elaine's ad. I was so excited I immediately looked up her website and I was very impressed with her work.  I made an appointment that same day. Elaine is a very kind and caring individual.  Elaine has given me back the confidence that I had previously lacked due to my horrible experience with the previous salon and my once ugly eyebrows.  I highly recommend Elaine to anyone who is needing corrective work or to anyone who is interested in any permanent make up.  Her photo gallery speaks for itself.  Thank You Elaine!"
-  Victoria G.
Coming from Everywhere!

Marsha from Montana; Vicki, Cheri & Hayley from Nebraska; and Kristi, Sheila and Nikki from Arizona!
"Dear Elaine:  What a pleasure to meet you yesterday. It is always nice to talk to a fellow Canadian. Here is a short version of my story and how I came to you.

"My name is Belinda I am a patient at the Arizona Cancer Center. I have been a patient since 1999 when I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a type that has no cure. I started treatment in 2000. I remember the day I lost my hair playing cards with a friend. I ran my finger through my hair and her face dropped. She said, “Don’t do that again, look at your hand” my hand was full of hair. I remember a tear rolling down my face. Even though I lived a couple doors away, I called home and said that I was spending the night. I pulled out as much as I could and shaved the rest. I am not a vain person so I just wore hats. That was the first of many times loosing my hair. Loosing my hair was not as bad as loosing my eyelashes and eyebrows. That is when you feel totally exposed, people stare more, whisper when they think you can’t hear them. I remember one time I was in a restaurant with my ex husband. It was hot and I wiped my face. The shock on my ex husbands face was priceless. I remember saying, “I wiped off my eyebrow again” and he just nodded, off I went to draw my eyebrow back on. I have done too many types of Chemo to name, including a stem cell transplant. I would cry on the days I could not cover up the look of my illness because of fatigue. With healthcare cost I could not have ever afforded myself the luxury of permanent make-up.

"Kathy Parson a nurse at ACC had told me about Elaine and the service she gives to some of the patients doing treatment. It was a few years ago but I could not drive back to Tucson after my treatments even one more time. They told me I was in remission in 2006, but in December of 2008 I was told that my cancer came back. My son-in-law found out in December as well that his father had cancer so I did not tell my children about my cancer. His father died June 5th, 2009. It was very hard to tell my daughters in late June, they had suffered for so long with me being sick. When I went to my chemo I saw a nurse that has taken such wonderful care of me in the past and had told me about Elaine years ago. I told her the only thing I wished I had done was to get permanent make-up done. She told me she would come and visit me later while I was doing a chemo treatment.

"When she came into the room she had a flyer from Elaine. She told me to give her a call which I did the next day. I told her who I was she was so kind and caring. She asked me what I wanted done and she said that she would do my eyeliner in the next couple of weeks after I finished the last round of chemo. I was so excited to drive to Tucson this time. I was a little nervous but trusted the hospital with my life so they would not steer me wrong. I walked into Elaine’s spa (it was as comforting as one) and was greeted with a hug from Elaine without hesitation. We talked for a few minutes and after taking my off the eyeliner that I applied, we went into a wonderful, clean room. I laid back in the chair and Elaine explained every step and detail. I felt as though we were old friends, we even got to share stories of our birth places in Canada.

"By the time we finished talking she was done. I was elated by the image in the mirror. I had no mascara on but it looked as though I did. I could not stop looking at my eyes on the way back home to Phoenix. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Elaine and the gift she has given me. It was not just the permanent eyeliner, it was the gift when I lose my hair in the future, the hair will grow back but the face will not be the face of a woman with cancer, just the everyday face I have become attached to. Thanks and someday I will come and get my lips done."

 - Forever Grateful
Belinda G.

"P.S. I will see you in September, until then, stay well."
"Talent, skill, and care, these three qualities exactly capture Elaine Picket at Artistic Touch Inc. Only a real artist could see that my top lip needed to be slightly more full and my eyebrows a little less so, and that is exactly what Elaine did for me. Elaine drew the finest lines at the base of my eyelashes, something I could never do myself with sharpest pencil, and now it is permanent. Empathy and concern are her watchwords. My permanent make up was painless, and she called me many times after my appointment to see how I was doing. My friends have been saying I look beautiful, but they can’t identify just why. I wish I had known her and asked her to do her magic on me twenty years ago."

- Helen I.
"The difference of having Elaine do my eyebrows and eyeliner has been amazing.  No longer do I feel washed out when I don't have make-up on.

"It's worth flying from Denver to have Elaine take care of my face.  I love it!"

- Susie S.
"Being in the entertainment industry, the pressures of looking your best in a concert hall, on screen or on an early morning TV show can be daunting. When I saw how subtle and beautiful Elaine Pichet’s work was on a friend of mine, I thought here is an artist I can trust with my face. From the moment I met Elaine, I immediately felt put at ease and under the care of an experienced, sensitive and lovely person. One of my problems was that I had lost a good deal of my eyebrows in an “acting accident” when I was 18- nobody told me they when you pluck your eyebrows for a character, they might never grow back. So that was my first procedure. Elaine knew exactly what to do to give them back a natural and lovely shape. I got lots of compliments from people when I got back to NY saying how particularly good I looked but not knowing why. Then, I decided to have eyeliner done on my next visit because I spend way too much time trying to make the perfect delicate line below and above my eyes. Elaine gave me subtle and lovely eyeliner that completely liberates me- I feel like my eyes are ready to greet the world the moment I wake up. I am very grateful to have someone I can rely on to help me look my best. And now Elaine Pichet is one more reason I love visiting Tucson. "

- Ann Hampton Callaway
Platinum Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

"About a year ago, Elaine Pichet's name came up while I was getting a nail manicure. I asked who she was and was told she did permanent makeup. Now I only had the spelling of the first name, and they gave me what they thought was her last name. I got home and started on a Googling venture. I found her name and called to set up for a consultation. I had always wanted to have permanent makeup and I was told she was the best.  When I met Elaine, I remember asking "O.K. what makeup are you wearing?"  She smiled back at me and said, "Nothing."  Her eyes and lips were beautiful. I was totally taken back by her beauty and kindness.  So the process and friendship began. When I came in for my procedure, I was a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. She made me feel so wonderful and all my anxious feeling went away. She took care of making my eyes, liner (top and bottom), and brows look absolutely beautiful. My brows were very thin and she filled them all in.  A couple weeks later I went back to have my lips totally done.  I really had never had a top lip (so to speak, very thin), but Elaine gave that to me. She was able to give me the appearance of having a lip like others have.  I could hardly believe when it was all over and I had such perfect beautiful lips.  Even with the swelling (which was gone in a couple of days). She has given me a new lease on life.  It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and know that the majority of my makeup is already on.  I really like being a walking billboard for her.  I tell everyone I meet about Elaine, especially when they ask how do you keep your liner looking so nice and why doesn't your lip color ever go away. Elaine thank you so much for changing my life for the better. You are not only a wonderful artist, but a wonderful person.  I want to thank you, Elaine. for a talent beyond belief… You are awesome, and you have changed my life."

- Sincerely,
Terri B.
"I am absolutely delighted with my new lip color. With aging, my natural lip color was gone. Without lipstick, I truly looked "faded out". I now have beautiful natural-looking lips. Elaine is an expert in choosing the right shade of lip color for my skin tone. I love not having to apply lipstick, although I do use a lip balm with sunscreen daily. Thank you, Elaine. "
- Judith B.
"I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine several years ago. I was teaching overseas and was in Tucson visiting my family. Elaine had done my mother's eyebrows and they were absolutely beautiful so I decided to get my eyes, eyebrows, and lips done. Elaine is fabulous! She guided me with picking colors that would best compliment my coloring and I was more than 100% satisfied with the end results. I just went back and had a complete touch up on lips, eyes, and brows. This procedure took about three hours. At first I was a bit anxious, however, Elaine is so gentle, and after a few minutes I was totally relaxed. What Elaine does is so personal for us women, and I feel so blessed to have found her. I was swimming with my three year old grandson, and I was holding him in my arms while he floated on his back, he was so relaxed as he knew grandma had him. I than thought of Elaine, and how I felt when she was doing my make-up. I felt so safe, and confident. The environment she creates is so safe. I just want to say Thank you Elaine, you truly are one in a million. "

- Jan H.B.
"Elaine, I just love my eyes.  Numerous comments on how folks cannot believe they are enhanced.  I brought my mom over for eyebrows, which are just PERFECT for her face, age, and color.  I have others lined up to come over for the same enhancements, based on the wonderful outcomes! Thanks for all you do!! "

- Maria
"I just want to say, that my experience from the time I walked into your office to the time I left, has been the most exhilarating experience. You as a professional not only show a great deal of enthusiasm and preciseness in your work, but you also show a genuine concern for your patients as well. This I commend you highly for. Seldom do we find in our professional business world today people like yourself. And last but not least, let me thank you for the great job you did with my procedure. You are a True Artist.  Thank you so much."

- Priscilla M.

"I have been going to Elaine for 5 1/2 years. I was scared to death at first but I had 3 good friends who had gone to Elaine for permanent make-up and they looked fabulous and so natural. Being the type that wears make-up to get the mail I thought this would be a dream come true. Elaine’s warm and caring personality set me at ease immediately. I started with my eye liners (top and bottom) then the lips and finally the eyebrows. Elaine takes the pain out of it because she is so gentle and explains every procedure she is doing.

"I love to go back for touch-ups because Elaine always fusses and makes me feel so good. And she always has wonderful new skin enhancers—her office is warm and inviting with all her artwork—she is a true artist and I love to refer her because she knows how to treat each patient individually."

- Jayne H.
"I had my eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed at age 77. I look really good when I get up in the morning; just need some lipstick. The only maintenance needed now is a regular brow and lash tints. Elaine was extremely aware of my state of mind during the procedure. The soft music in the background really relaxed me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Elaine for those procedures.  Thank you."

- E.W.S.
"The year was 2000. I noticed that a bald spot was beginning to form on the back of my head. Within a couple of weeks, more hair was falling out, until a short time later I had lost all of it. The diagnosis was alopecia, a disease of the immune system that causes some or all of your hair to fall out all over your body. That was eight years ago.

This upset my world in a major way. You don’t realize how much your hair defines you until it’s no longer there. I experimented with a variety of wigs until I found a style and color that suited me well. It was with the help of my girlfriends that we discovered the best type, and several trips to Phoenix to get it right.

One day the four of us were celebrating something – maybe it was just enjoying our retirement and each other; who knows as we are always celebrating. We took a picture and I noticed how different I looked without eyebrows. It was a real eye opener. I concluded that my next task was to get some eyebrows. I tried drawing them on – my husband’s response to that was “what have you done to yourself?”. That was no good. I then tried some fake ones but after 20 minutes one of them fell off. They looked better in the box than on me! I was encouraged by both husband and girlfriends to come up with something better. Somewhere along the way I heard about tattooing of eyebrows.

I mentioned to my girlfriends that I was considering this and in their usual manner, before I could change my mind, they had identified a resource and I scheduled an appointment. Together we descended upon Elaine Pichet’s Artistic Touch, Inc. She graciously allowed all four of us to participate in this experience – me in the chair and the rest peering in as Elaine worked. Her kind, gentle manner, and her artistic talent made this a very pleasant experience for me. Her brushstroke technique with the needle gave me beautiful eyebrows. Later I opted to have the eyeliner on both upper and lower lids.

We had another picture taken and this time I looked great, according to my girlfriends. Special thanks to Elaine for making this happen and for helping my friends and I turn this into a special event!"

- I love my eyebrows and eyeliner."
- Kaye
Friends sticking together!
"I was treated elsewhere and the results were not what I hoped for. The initial procedure was painful and my eyebrows were too dark and were not shaped correctly for my face. Elaine knew right away how to make my face look softer and more natural. The change is subtle but enough for people to notice and comment on my improved appearance. Thank you, Elaine!"

- Best Regards,
"I walked in her office, she greeted me with a warm caring smile.  At that moment I knew she (Elaine) cared. Elaine carefully took the time to "LOOK" at me and saw what had long been missing for some years now, COLOR and she could restore it! Her talent is remarkable. Her creative ability to perform the "art" work is just revitalizing. A simple procedure that took no time. The result: Beautiful! Elaine then took me step by step in what she was doing and the whys. Not only did she make me very comfortable with doing my permanent make up on my brows and eye liner, she was very informative as well. Soft natural color to restore my look. Now I wake up in the morning and look and the mirror and love what I see. I do not have to bother with make up on my eyes everyday. Her work reflects her beautiful natural talent. Simplicity equals beauty and color. Thank you Elaine for adding color back into my life."

- Love from Susan S., Florida
"Thanks to Elaine's talent, I feel like a priceless work of art. I feel polished and professional first thing in the morning, and after a long days work. I have received countless compliments on how beautiful my brows look, and questions about why I look so much younger. The best compliment came from my husband who loves the results. Thank you for sharing your talent Elaine. "

- Chere Benson Hall, RN
"I went to Elaine at the recommendation of a friend of mine after years of suffering with no eyebrows.  In my younger years (teens and twenties), I tweezed my very thick eyebrows into very thin narrow lines, which was the style at the time, and they never grew back.  As I have grown older (forties), what little remaining eyebrow hair I had has begun to fall out (thinning eyebrows appear to be a genetic defect in the female side of my family!).  My vision is very poor and I must leave my glasses on in order to draw my eyebrows on with a pencil, which makes this extremely difficult to do and pencil washes off every time I get my face wet.  Therefore, I had gotten into the habit only "putting on" eyebrows very rarely for special occasions.  For the last five to ten years I have felt much older than my age (which is currently 50) because of my lack of brows.  I visited Elaine on my friend's recommendation for a consultation, but was extremely leery about the procedure as I am a perfectionist and was afraid that my idea of what I wanted and her idea of what I needed would not be the same and I would be stuck with something I was very unhappy with for the rest of my life.  Although still scared, I built up the courage to let her do my brows and I have to say that I am thrilled to death with the results.  I have gotten so many complements on how young I look.  People want to know if I got a face lift, a new hair style, hit the lottery, etc., but nobody even realizes that my eyebrows are tattooed on because they are so real looking ad the color matches my hair perfectly.  Elaine took my facial features into consideration when she applied the brows and they look even more natural than my real brows did.  Elaine includes a follow-up visit in her price, but she did such a good job the first time that there was virtually nothing to touch-up on the return visit.  I highly recommend Elaine for any of your permanent cosmetic work.  My eyebrows were a birthday gift from my husband, who was tired of hearing me complain about how old and ugly I looked.  Now he's saving up for next year so I can get my eye-liner done."

-  "Elaine, I can never thank you enough,"
Betsy A. Hazel, PhD, MT ASCP)
"I  am writing this note to express my gratitude for the interest you have shown me.  Your expertise and professionalism toward correcting a botched up job on my eyebrows has been the greatest thing that I had hoped for.  I feel very fortunate that I, through another friend of mine, found you.

"I, like so many others, went to a woman in Hereford, AZ, who did the work in her home.  She obviously wasn't qualified and certainly wasn't under the best sterile conditions either.  I called the Health Department and the Cosmetology Board - there is no one out there to regulate that type of activity.  Needless to say, I was just lucky to have been directed to Artistic Touch.

"Thank you so much Elaine.  I am so pleased with what you have done for me and what you will do in the future."
- Sincerely, Edie C.
"I have been so pleased with the outcome of my eyeliner. I had never really liked the way eyeliner looked on me and was very nervous about how it would turn out to have something so permanent. I had seen others who had had their liner done at tattoo shops and it really was just a line drawn around the eyes. But although nervous, I had developed a trust in Elaine and her talent. She took a moment to look at the shape of my eyes and told me that if she followed the line of my lashes all the way from corner to corner my eyes would look droopy at the outside corner. THAT was it! That was why my eyeliner always looked a little off to me!! To look straight on at me you can't tell it but my eyes slightly slope downward. Elaine stopped about 1/8 of an inch from the outside corner and I couldn't be more pleased with how it looks. My eyes look alert and open and look even more rich in color than before. I have had so many compliments....even without a bit of "make-up".  My mother liked the look so much she got her eyes done for her 60th birthday."
- Dar M.
"Elaine's incredible artistic ability is an added bonus for your permanent make up procedure. She makes it look so natural, people think you were just born with perfect eyes and lips! The products she uses are of such premium quality, I didn't need a touch up for 3 years.

This was the best value for the money spent and the wisest choice I've made for enhancing my self-esteem. Tucson is so fortunate to have someone of her talent doing permanent make-up locally."
- Debra A.
"I am thrilled with the results of my new eyebrows and eyeliner. No matter how many products I purchased in the past, I always managed to look unfinished, uneven, and washed out. As I aged, the problem got worse.

"With Elaine's artistry, I now look younger and more attractive. My eyes, always one of my good features, have finally come into their own!  Elaine combines an artist's eye with superb technical skills."

- Elaine M.A..
"I  wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the success of the results of your very talented hands, your expert advice on laser treatments for my face, and a greatly improved complexion. I have been told that my eyebrows are "elegant", something I've wished for for many years. As a result of the laser treatments and Intradermal Treatments, my complexion is literally glowing.

"Your encouragement to pursue a course that would make me feel better about myself was the motivation I needed."

- Tommilee P.
"Dear Dr. Duerksen:  I would like to thank you for your referral to Elaine Pichet's Artistic Touch, Inc. Elaine did camouflage work on my facial scar (right cheek).

"Dr Duerksen, when I came into your office to have two more small moles removed on my left cheek you noticed how my old facial scar turned very white in color. Elaine was able to cover the white scarring with a PERFECT SKIN TONE MATCH! After seeing Elaine's talent I decided to have permanent makeup on my eyebrows. What a dramatic difference it has made in my appearance, yet it looks SO NATURAL.

"Elaine is a wonderful lady with a warm personality. I know she loves what she does because it shows in her professional work, and her caring personality.  Thank you for referring me to Elaine."
- Patricia W.W.
"Elaine Pichet is able to visualize placement and color of permanent makeup for each individual to enhance their natural beauty. She is a true artist! Elaine was able to create a slight arch, subtle thickness and symmetry in my eyebrows giving me a youthful look. She also restored the color and fullness of my lips making them vibrant and sexy. The eyeliner she tattooed took the slight cross-eyed look away from my eyes. I love my new look! All my friends have commented on how great I look. The permanent makeup is so natural that not one of them knew I had it applied. I highly recommend Elaine to anyone who wishes to look and feel better about themselves."
- Shelly B., Author

"I have seen Elaine several times over the past four years for various permanent makeup procedures, and each time I have been very pleased with the results! In addition to being passionate and a perfectionist about the work she does, Elaine is a truly caring person, and I am very happy to know her. Without reservation, I strongly recommend her permanent makeup artistry to anyone who is interested in these procedures."

- Jennifer H.
"Thirteen years ago I had laser done on my bottom lip due to actinic keratosis. My lip tightened with scar tissue making it difficult to brush my teeth or open my mouth wide enough at the dentist. I also lost the bottom line around my lower lip. My dermatologist told me about Elaine Pichet's work. She tattooed my lip, breaking up the scar tissue and lining them. My lips look beautiful, are perfectly outlined and don't feel tight for the first time in years."
- Anita D.
"December 2004 - The Arizona Cancer Center thanks Elaine Pichet for volunteering her professional services free of charge to some of our chemotherapy patients.

Elaine has provided permanent eyebrow and eyeliner makeup to chemotherapy patients who have lost much of their facial hair. This is a valuable service for them - one which would not be possible were it not for Elaine's generous heart. Elaine's special, caring manner has helped patients feel better about themselves and they are grateful for her kind efforts.

We are pleased to take this opportunity to thank Elaine for many years of service to our patients and can recommend her permanent makeup services to anyone in the community needing or wanting to enhance their appearance."
- Sincerely,
Ardie Delforge, RN, BSN, OCN
Carolann Mashouf, RN, OCN.