3-D Nipple

Whether a patient decides to have surgical nipple reconstruction or not, the re-pigmentation of the areola complex or 3-D tattooing is always performed in three dimensions in order to provide a realistic outcome.

There are a number of techniques for breast reconstruction but for re-pigmentation, there is just one technique and that is tattooing. The re-pigmentation of the areola complex is possibly the last procedure after complete reconstructive breast surgery that you will need. Although some women select not to have their nipple re-constructed, the three dimensional effect can be achieved by utilizing multiple colors.

Since every individual’s skin is unique, the application time varies with every patient. Most patients will not feel any discomfort although sometimes incision sites will feel a little more sensitive. Topical anesthetics will be used if this occurs.

The newly pigmented areola is extremely bright in color. An exfoliation process will take place approximately four to seven days later to reveal only a pale color. The true outcome of the procedure can only be seen in approximately five to six weeks.