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  Elaine Pichet's Artistic Touch - Permanent Makeup - Lips, Eyeliner, Eyebrows  
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Elaine Pichet's
Artistic Touch, Inc.
F.A.A.M., C.P.C.P.
Board Certified in Permanent Cosmetics

4717 N. First Ave.
Tucson, AZ  85718

"All of my patients' faces appear to me as beautiful and unique canvases on which I have the opportunity to enhance what God has placed there or to restore what time has washed away."

-  Elaine Pichet
F.A.A.M., C.P.C.P.

We Have Moved!
As of September 1, 2018, our new office location is:

4717 N. First Avenue
Tucson, AZ  85718

located in the North 1st Medical Plaza
(South of River and First Avenue)


The Latest Buzz: Micro-Blading
By Elaine Pichet, CPCP

The latest buzz in the permanent cosmetic industry is: Micro Blading.

As a veteran in the industry I feel compelled to inform and educate potential clients and exiting clients about "micro-blading". This is the latest buzz in the industry that has reached social media with all the pictures on Instagram, etc...  (click here to read more)


Permanent cosmetics can alter your appearance by restoring color and definition ultimately offering an incredible visual change.  It is a non-invasive option for many which can be extremely rejuvenating.   Throughout her career, Elaine Pichet has singled herself in the field of permanent cosmetics because of her artistic and technical skills.

Her approach is simple, less is more.  With an application that is truly artistic, Elaine will study your features and suggest the best application; although, she will always say to her patient that it's about them, not about her.  In the end it is about the patient comfort zone and also the way they apply their own makeup.  Elaine sees permanent makeup as a means to restore color in aging skin or simply to enhance natural beauty.

For eyeliner, the permanent enhancement is applied directly in the lash line for a natural look.  Very delicate hairline strokes are performed for permanent eyebrows imitating hair.  This results in a soft, subtle, and beautiful application.  Permanent lip liner can improve lip appearance for all.  Whether restoring color, reshaping lip borders, or balancing lips that may be too thin or too thick, Elaine's artistic skill will enhance your natural beauty.  Prior to any procedures, make sure you download needed documents.

Elaine has been sought by many to provide corrective work.  This highly technical art form cannot be overstated.  Although correct work is extremely challenging, Elaine has provided amazing results!

In addition to permanent makeup procedures and skin care procedures,  Elaine's paramedical procedures include re-pigmentation of the aureola complex or 3-D tattooing - restoring color after reconstructive surgery and performing the "dry technique" to loosen up scar tissue before scar camouflage.  With a strong medical background, she has chosen to practice in a medical setting offering full sterilization and the highest standards of safety for her patients.

Permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, or micropigmentation - the titles may be different,  but the service is cosmetic tattooing.  Make sure you research your provider!  There are many providers offering cosmetic tattooing services that are not credentialed.

Elaine has performed thousands of procedures over the past sixteen years serving clients from greater Tucson.  She has had women fly in to Tucson from all over the country to have their procedures performed by Elaine.  Her beautiful, comfortable office is so inviting -- immediately you feel relaxed!

Skin care treatments offered by Elaine include:

  • The DermMaster® Salt-A-Peel™ technology - an advanced exfoliating treatment followed by Ultra Sound therapy which contributes greatly to the stimulation of collagen cells as well as increased blood flow and circulation. 

  • The Perfector  - micro-current and nano technologies. The micro-current targets the facial muscles for tightening and lifting and non-invasive facial sculpting.  The nano portion of the Perfector acts as an antioxidant at the cellular level by infusing a steady stream of electrons through the cells leading to the production of collagen, elastin and overall youthful freshness of the skin.  Many patients appeared as if they had fillers injected all over their faces!!

In addition, Elaine has participated multiple times as a guest speaker at conventions of plastic surgeons in the USA and Canada  and conventions of peers. 


The field of permanent cosmetics (makeup) is not a regulated industry in the State of Arizona.  Arizona HB 2666-441-H, it is unlawful for a person to engage in the business of tattooing out of a home.  There are two national organizations offering certifications:  the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM.) and the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals (SPCP.).  In order to keep credentials, providers must obtain a certain amount of continuing education credits every year.  As a member of both of these national organizations, Elaine is a professional!  She meets or exceeds the highest standards and requirements of the industry of permanent cosmetics.








Contact us at elaine@elainepichet.com

Elaine Pichet's
Artistic Touch, Inc.
F.A.A.M., C.P.C.P.
Board Certified in Permanent Cosmetics
4717 N. First Avenue
Tucson, AZ  85718
(located in the North 1st Medical Plaza;
south of River and First Avenue)